Thursday, November 26, 2020

Walls: Travels Along the Barricades by Marcello Di Cintio - Non-fiction

In Walls: Along the Barricades, Marcello Di Cintio writes a gripping narrative about the people who live near barricades of some sort; wire fences, steel walls, and concrete blocks. These people are escaping war, seeking a better lifestyle or are shut out of their original places of birth.

The author travels to different parts of the world that include Belfast, Cyprus, U.S.-Mexico border, Palestine and even Montreal in Canada. His quest is to understand the rationale for building these walls. From the many conversations with these refugees, he discovers their plight of being stuck in camps near the walls with continued efforts to cross over or around the barricade to get on the other side for a better life.

No matter where the wall is erected, it is not a solution. Instead it generates hate, fear, feelings of separation and division. As a result it becomes more of a problem that is fortified in grief and loss of dignity for the refugees. As Di Cintio takes the reader into these areas it becomes evident that the author portrays a hopeless situation with no solution. 

Walls: Along the Barricades by Marcello Di Cintio is very interesting to absorb as it leaves the reader with many questions and thoughts to ponder about.

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