Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Opening Heaven's Door by Patricia Pearson - Non-Fiction

In Opening Heaven's Door, the author, Patricia Pearson takes the reader through a well-researched topic relating to the end of life and beyond. Pearson describes incidents that illustrate the immediate sensations witnessed by the living after the death of a loved one. She outlines personal anecdotes of her experiences of the death of her father and sister along with other narratives she captured from her research on this topic. These reminiscences are brilliantly linked to the research captured from the scientific professionals in this field. 

The author portrays a good balance between the current research that is linked to the narratives she has gathered for this project. It is authentic and gives credence to the experiences of the dying, immediately after death and during the grieving process. Pearson attempts to answer the long asked questions on this topic. Also, she includes stories from those who experienced death only to return to life as changed persons. 

Ultimately there are no definitive answers except experiences that vary from individual to individual. It is very interesting to read through the research that leaves the reader more informed and yet left with further questions with the possibility of accepting the research as part of life's experiences. 

Opening Heaven's Door by Patricia Pearson keeps the reader engrossed with a constant need to read continuously to the end.  It is a well-documented project that captures authenticity. 

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