Saturday, September 12, 2020

House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday - Fiction

N. Scott Momaday, author of House Made of Dawn, narrates this story in the oral indigenous tradition. There is a strong presence of the characters communing with nature. He elevates the beauty of our landscape while highlighting the strong human connection to nature. 

The reader can see and feel the power of absorbing our natural surroundings through the author's vivid descriptions.  In some instances, there are illustrations of how this connection can make or break the human soul.

The characters intertwine with each other in varying situations; they appear and disappear as the story unravels in a work place, a social setting or in the safety of home. The reader is enticed to engage with each character through the excellent narration of the many different scenes in the story. Sometimes it is heart breaking while at other times it brings joy and hope. 

The story moves within each scene as it observes and reflects on each incident with flashbacks to another time and another story as it relates to the present scene. It is fascinating to keep up with the story that brings intrigue and suspense. 

House Made of Dawn is an excellent read. The author successfully takes the reader on an emotional journey with each particular character in this novel.  

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