Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Body by Bill Bryson - Non-fiction

The Body by Bill Bryson takes the reader into the discovery of the parts of the human body in graphic biological details. There are descriptions of each organ and how each operates within the body. 

Bryson, with his characteristic writing style, injects humour where appropriate. The reader has to be aware that this is a deliberate  study of the human body. Hence the references and footnotes are immense. They validate every fact and examples incorporated in this book.  

The reader is provided with the nuances and dedication of the researchers who go above and beyond to improve human living. They have that burning desire to aid in finding cures and treatments for various ailments and diseases. Some are successful while others are not. Bryson provides the scientific data to validate the results of the laboratory testing and experiments. 

There are captivating descriptions of various historical virus and bacterial outbreaks that have spread throughout the world. Bryson examines how the scientists and medical experts worked with these pandemics--sometimes with success and other times with devastating results such as deaths and more deaths. 

The author outlines the role of the population during these past pandemics; how some people, at their own peril, did not follow the advice and regulations provided by the medical experts. These incidents are appropriately outlined as they illustrate how individuals express the infringement of their freedom and liberty and hence their rationale for not following the regulations given by the authorities. Today, the world is experiencing the pandemic of Coronavirus-19 and it appears that history is repeating itself as it relates to the actions of the population. 

The Body is a fountain of knowledge for anyone to absorb and to be aware of how our bodies function with true appreciation for all the scientific researchers and medical experts who do much to save lives and promote healthy living.  

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