Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Angel on the Roof by Russell Banks - Short Story Collection

The Angel on the Roof is a collection of stories by Russell Banks.  These stories depict the lifestyles of those struggling to survive. And yet some stories illustrate the abilities of these characters to accept and continue to live through mayhem despite their dreams of a better life. 

There is a sense of realism in some of the stories, while others appear to have that obvious fictional component to them. These two factors make for an engrossed reading through each story.

Banks, the author, deftly and appropriately describes with significant details of the scene and situation as the story unfolds.  The physical descriptions of each character supports the entity of their being.

The ending of each story is a cliff hanger that leaves the reader to speculate on the possible end result. 

The Angel on the Roof is a long, long read and because of the suspense created in each story, the reader can be motivated to read the next and the next. 

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