Monday, March 9, 2020

Democracy and Its Crisis by A. C. Grayling - Non-fiction

Democracy and Its Crisis written by A. C. Grayling is a timely exposure of the state of Western democracy today. Grayling takes the reader through historic political events in England, America and France. The author outlines the rise of power in a democratic state of play with its various nuances as they occurred in the past era.

Grayling proceeds to decipher how democracy has evolved into its different transformations; sometimes for the good of the people and other times in a questionable manner that results in "tyrannical takeover" by certain elected leaders. It explains the rationale for our current situation with the rise of populism in the Western democratic countries. There are suggestions on how democracy can be maintained through appropriate governance models.

Democracy and Its Crisis is a very good read as it resonates loud and clear to today's political situations in Western democratic countries.

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