Monday, January 13, 2020

The Pearl by John Steinbeck - Fiction

John Steinbeck, author of The Pearl, takes the reader to a small town near the Gulf of Mexico. The people are poor divers who live off their hope of finding pearls and eventually selling these pearls. It is an inadequate lifestyle that provides the bare minimum.

Kino and Juana and their son Coyotito are the main characters in this story. Kino is a third generation diver. On this one particular dive he brings up a very large pearl. It becomes the talk of the town and everyone gathers around the Kino brush house.

The story unfolds as the dreams of what could be as a result of cashing in on this pearl. But it is a difficult road ahead as Kino tries to sell the pearl.

Steinbeck brings out the nature of the human spirit in this folktale as he exposes the nuances of the plight of Kino Is not literate enough to decipher if he is being told the truth or not. And there is no one in their neighbour hood who can inform him as they too are not literate. It is a fascinating story that highlights how the disadvantaged survive in this kind of environment.

The Pearl has a dramatic ending as the reader goes through the ups and downs that Kino and his family face while try to sell the pearl.

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