Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Book Review: Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales by P. D. James - Fiction

P. D. James in Sleep No More unravels six murderous tales. Each tale captivates the mystery surrounding the act of murder; the unsuspecting murderer or the person who knows but does not divulge the information that is crucial to solving the murder case. These tales are set in the backdrop of Britain as James gracefully brings in the landscape and culture entwined in what are horrible cases of murder.

There is a gentleness in the narratives that keeps the reader wanting more. James cleverly sets out the plot with suspense and surprise that incorporates the chilling effect, typical in any murder case. The tales involve going down memory lane that describes traditions of days gone by. This creates a sense of nostalgia for the readers who are familiar with these traditions. There are secrets and lies that add to the conundrum of each tale.

Sleep No More, in its short story format, is an excellent read that gives the whole essence to the murder mystery case for each tale.

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