Sunday, March 10, 2019

Book Review: The Secretary by Kim Ghattas - Non-fiction

Kim Ghattas, a BBC journalist, travelled with Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, on her diplomatic trips to the Middle East and Pakistan.  Ghattas describes the nuances of travelling with the Secretary.  Also, she captures the "behind the scenes" scenarios of each trip, the endless hours of travel and sometimes with very little rest or sleep in between these trips.

Ghattas, who was born and raised in Lebanon, describes the two sides of the coin, i.e. her thoughts of America while living in Lebanon and then compares it to what she is experiencing, as a BBC journalist, through a very different lens. She is able to witness and analyze the difficulties of being a superpower that tries to keep all countries on an even keel.

The author includes historical facts of the countries visited on this diplomacy journey. It brings a very good perspective of what America is trying to achieve in each of these countries. The reader gets a great view of how Hillary performs and her willingness to meet and spend time with the people in each of these countries.  It becomes an awe-inspiring reflection of this author's journey with the Secretary.

On a personal note, The Secretary is a page turner. Ghattas has a compelling style of writing with a genuine goal of describing the realities of the challenges that America faces in its foreign policy development and delivery.

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