Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winter Escape 2014: Kochi, Capital City of the State of Kerala, India

We arrived in Kochi on February 26, 2014 and settled in at the Taj hotel. Before dinner we went on a sunset boat cruise and true to form it was dramatic.

Chinese Fishing Nets
Dramatic sunset towards end of our boat cruise

For the next two days we explored the city by walking around the sights and listening to the sounds of Kochi. We passed the Gardens donning a prominent sculpture of Gandhi.
Sculpture of Gandhi in the Gardens

Inside the shopping mall

We hopped into a three-wheeler taxi towards another part of the city to an enormous shopping mall with the usual brand name stores. It felt strange walking in a North American style shopping mall in Kochi.

In the afternoon we boarded the boat to Fort Kochi. Along the water’s edge we saw different forms of architecture some of which were remnants of the British colonial past.

A view of the shore from the boat trip.

While in Fort Kochi we walked along the streets witnessing the many vendors selling their wares. We had a close up view of the Chinese fishing nets along shoreline. 
Taking a break in a restaurant

The outdoor restaurant was a charming place for a light lunch and a break from walking. Below is a picture of the Fort Kochi Jail now turned into a museum.

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