Friday, April 8, 2016

Winter Escape 2016: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

One end of Zicatela Beach
For our 2016 winter escape from Toronto we went to Puerto Escondido located in the State of Oxaca on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Within the first week of January we comfortably settled in our apartment in Rockaway Hotel. It is perfectly located on the main street across from Zicatela Beach. We strolled along the beach, stopped by a beach restaurant, Greko and relaxed with beer and some chips dipped in guacamole. As we watched the waves swell up to heights we’d never seen before, we felt at ease with the gentle ocean breezes brushing against our faces. We looked at each other, nodded and declared that we finally found our place in the sun. Yes, this will become our winter escape. Today Zicatela Beach is well known internationally as a surfer’s paradise. The waves attest to making it an adventurous surf ride for any surfer.

As the days and weeks went by we learned the history of Puerto Escondido. Its name originates from Escondida meaning hidden woman. Legend indicates that the pirate, Andrés Drake, brother of Sir Francis Drake, captured an indigenous woman and kept her on board the ship. He stopped at the port for a rest and during this time the woman jumped off the ship, swam to the beach and disappeared into the jungle never to be found again. By the early 20th century, its name evolved to Puerto Escondido.

Along the "El Adoquin"

As we walked and discovered the different parts of Puerto, we reached the tourist centre, locally known as “El Adoqin.” There are restaurants, cafes, night clubs, night markets and many shops along the paved sidewalk. There is also the treacherous walkway over narrow paths, stairs and bridges that takes you to the lookout point, called Sueño Posible (Possible Dream) just below the Lighthouse.

Below watch the video: The Morning Routine on Playa Principal
(Source: Puerto Escondido: Wikipedia)

At the end of March we returned to the cold, snowy spring in Toronto.

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