Sunday, February 28, 2016

Book Review: Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland - Fiction

In his novella Social Engineer, author Ian Sutherland reveals to the reader the ease with which a corporation’s computer system can be accessed through skillful manipulation by computer hackers; there are the white hat computer hackers and the black hat computer hackers. The author succinctly describes the differences between these types of computer hackers.

Sutherland portrays the white hat computer hacker illustrating how computer systems of corporations are vulnerable. He explains how these computer hackers unscrupulously and with untoward tactics gain access to the corporation’s system and widely open the system to steal the corporation’s secrets. The main character, Brody Taylor, demonstrates how unbelievably simple it is to access the corporation’s computer system.

There is deceit, love, suspense and most important a genuine means of earning a living on the part of the white hat computer hacker who ultimately comes across as a performer. Throughout the novella there are significant details that uncovers the role of the white hat computer hacker.

A cautionary tale of warning to anyone who is a regular user of smart devices and computer technology.

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