Friday, March 27, 2015

Winter Escape 2015: Playa Serena, Panama

Our view from condo in Panama City
To our view from condo in Playa Serena

Playa Serena is located in the village of Gorgona, Panama. This condo development overlooks the beach; there are four units per floor and each unit has a view of the Ocean. We are here for the month of March. We moved from a typical urban setting in Panama City to a tranquil beach setting in Playa Serena.

The temperatures are consistently in the 30s centigrade. Every day we walk the beach in the hot blazing sun. It feels good. The one disappointment is the black sand and it is not soft sand. The locals talk about the iron ore being dredged from the bottom of the Ocean by the Japanese in the 1940s and hence Playa Serena is loaded with iron ore. It is windy; some days more so than other days. But it is a warm wind. Every Thursday night the restaurant next door has happy hour; the ex=pats from the neighbourhood drop by for a drink or two and may even stay for dinner. There are two other restaurants in the village that are open from Wednesdays to Sundays.

The sunsets are dramatic

Playa Serena is a place for relaxing, enjoying the warm weather and reading books with some interesting conversations at poolside with some of the residents in the building. 

A couple from our residence took us on a trip to a hill top town of El Valle. It was market day. We strolled around the town and observed the interesting architecture in the area.

An upscale restaurant in El Valle

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