Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Escape 2014: Nakuru, Kenya

Today, we are on a very short safari in the Rift Valley. I have fond memories of our trips to Nakuru that is in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. We drive on the old road to experience the dramatic sights of the escarpment. This road was built by the Italian prisoners of WWII. In memory of all the Italians who perished in the War and in building this road, the POWs erected a Catholic Chapel. Each time we travelled this road, we always stopped at the Chapel to say prayers for them, as we did today.
Drive along the escarpment road
Italian Catholic Chapel on Escarpment Road

This chapel is built on the road with just enough room to park and pay a quick visit to the Chapel. It is well maintained as shown on the right.

We arrive at the Kigio Wildlife Conservancy Camp that is located in the middle of a wildlife park.  It is a modernized rustic camp site.  We check in our camp lodging--a large room with a large comfortable camp bed, ensuite shower room and the basic comforts of any hotel room.

Our dining area at Kigio Wildlife Camp

We are now ready for our safari trip to the Lake Nakuru National Park.  As we drive out of our camp site we observe the zebra, giraffe, gazelle, and the impala. Below are pictures of zebra grazing and my favourite animal, the giraffe.

Zebra contentedly grazing

Giraffe feeding off the tree

This giraffe is making eye contact
Whilst inside the Lake Nakuru National Park we drive closer to the Lake. We notice that the flamingoes are drastically small in number. We are informed of the flooding problems with this Lake. Some road pathways are closed off due to flooding and our driver deftly re-routes us to different pathways in the Park. We see baboons, rhino, more giraffe and more zebra.
Rhino heading across the roadway.

Lake Nakuru with a few flamingoes

On our return to our Camp site we see my memorable natural carving of what we used to call "Lord Delamere's Nose." This time around, our guide promptly tells us that it is the "The Sleeping Warrior" that has many a Masai legend attached to its existence in this Rift Valley.

Look carefully at the picture below and you will see the outline of "The Sleeping Warrior."

Image of "The Sleeping Warrior"
It's time to head back to Nairobi. We are driving along the new highway through Limuru which brings back tons of memories. I recall many family picnics in the Limuru area as my brother would drive our Hudson car to take us to visit Dad's friends and acquaintances who worked for the highland farmers. Today, we drive through lush tea plantations until we approach Nairobi.

We pass by our large and impressive looking Canadian Embassy which is a new structure and was not around during my time. We are dropped off at our hotel for a night's sleep. The next day we fly to Mombasa.

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