Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review: A Certain Justice - Novel by P. D. James

A Certain Justice as portrayed by P. D. James brings in intrigue and complexities of murder and through the process of solving the murders, the author enlightens the reader with thoughts and opinions on law and justice.

Through detailed descriptions of a variety of settings within the novel, the reader is exposed to a murder. The intrigue sets in, as it is difficult to determine who did it. The author captures the legal environment of Temple Road in London and artfully weaves in countryside scenes through the antics of one of the main characters. A second murder occurs and once again the reader is puzzled and left wondering who did it. Two murders within the same circle of people, each one connected through work associations.

Appropriately, P. D. James opines on the legal system and brings in the meaning of justice through the actions of the characters. In a clever manner the reader is able to decipher, in some rudimentary way, the criminal law and what make criminal lawyers perform as they do to win criminal cases. It is about the concept "that a person is innocent until proven guilty.”

Throughout the novel, P. D. James uses vocabulary that makes the reader think twice as to its meaning; an abundance of words that are out of the ordinary and yet evokes the appropriate senses while engrossed in the reading of this story.

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