Friday, August 16, 2013

Travel News: More of the Gaspé Peninsula

Our first glimpse of Rocher Percé
With the sun shining brightly, we drive through the twists and turns of the highway as we border the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. We turn the corner and there in front of us is Rocher Percé. A gigantic rock emerging from the Gulf waters greets us as we stare at it in awe. As we move closer in we stop the car to take in this beautiful vista.

It is a short hike to the viewing look out platform. Rocher Percé is naturally carved with its left side standing tall in a peak and gently flattens and slopes down towards its right occupying a large area of this massive body of water. This is the marvel of erosion and wind, nature's tools of sculpture.

Closeup view of Rocher Percé

Community around Rocher Percé 
We resume our driving only to be enveloped in a brief span of fog that further blocks any vistas of the Gulf. It doesn't last long. As the saying goes..."The fog comes in and goes at will. Don't begrudge it. Wish instead that you were as free."

True to form, the fog vanishes to expose the immense Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The peace and tranquility of the communities we pass by is soothing and relaxing.  

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