Friday, August 9, 2013

Travel News: Road Trip to the Maritimes, Canada - Heading towards Rimouski, Quebec

From Toronto we headed East. As we approached Quebec, we drove along the periphery of Montreal. We drove on overpasses and underpasses of the bridges of Montreal; the last one being the Jacques Cartier Bridge that took us onto the highway heading for Drummondville. The bridges in Montreal are decaying and need reconstruction. Our pleasant surprise was driving through the Place Ville Tunnel; a very modern and pleasant drive through this brightly lit long tunnel. It was the best part of driving along the edges of Montreal. 

In Montmagny, Quebec 

We spent the night in Drummondville and then onwards towards Rimouski. We got off the highway at Montmagny to meander through the country road along the St. Lawrence River. It was a cloudy day with some sun peeking in and out through our drive this scenic route; there was no rain. 

One of the many steepled churches en route 

Every 20 - 30 km the skyline is dotted with church steeples and further along they are accompanied by farm silos. We stopped at a c couple of the churches to witness their histories dating back to 1789. These structures are solemn with a strong sense of the dominance of the Catholic Church on its populace that settled in this area.

Rimouski is beautiful. Walking along the promenade beside the St. Lawrence River, we were able to see far and wide beyond the tranquil waters of the River. It was windy; in the distance the waters looked choppy as the tide was out. For dinner, I had Coquille St. Jacques; flashback to the time we lived in Montreal in 1971, where I first tasted this appetizer. I quickly learned to adopt it as part of our homemade cuisine.
View of St. Lawrence River from Rimouski 
It is lovely to relive our Montreal memories within our French Canadian culture. Our next stop is L'Anse-au-Griffon.

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