Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travel News: Stratford, Ontario in the Summer

Stratford City Hall
Avon River
Stratford has seen its share of industries come and go over the years. In 1953, a group of local people started the Shakespeare Festival Theatre in a tent. Today, the Festival Theatre is a large, beautifully designed building—a popular venue for a variety of Shakespearean plays as well as other shows and theatrical performances. Stratford thrives on this kind of entertainment industry. In addition to the Festival Theatre, there are the Studio Theatre, the Tom Patterson Theatre and the Avon Theatre. 

In the Shakespearean Gardens
We attended the War of 1812 performance at the Studio Theatre. It is an excellent depiction of what occurred during this War and its outcomes. Interspersed with comedy, the performers were brilliant in assuming the roles of the main characters of this War. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

For the remainder of our stay in Stratford, we strolled along the banks of the Avon River, visited the Shakespearean Gardens and were impressed by the period architectural design of the buildings on the main street. After a sumptuous dinner at an Italian restaurant we drove home during the sunset hours. 

One of Stratford's Signature Swans

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