Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter Escape 2012: Kuala Lumpur, City of Malaysia

We spent four days in Kuala Lumpur or as it is affectionately referred to as KL. As we explored the city, we noticed the many tall buildings; each having a unique design and shape to them. There are a few of the rectangular or square shaped tall towers; others are rounded and have curved appearances. Each building tends to blend into another building with many above ground air-conditioned walkways. At certain corners of streets there are a conglomeration of buildings all jumbled up together amidst huge advertising screens; it presents a very unusual imagery.

Petronas Twin Towers 

From our accommodation we walked for about 45 minutes to the Petronas Twin Towers; it is a huge structure with a sky bridge connecting the two towers. Within the vicinity there is the Menara Tower; it has the hallmarks of the Toronto CN Tower. This area appears to be the hub of business activity that includes foreign embassies.

The Face of Malaysia

Selangor Club with its British Tudor Design 

Our walk to the Colonial area was a pleasant surprise. It is located in the core of KL with an enormous private, elite Selangor Club located in its midst. It consists of a typical Tudor British designed group of buildings looking onto a massive green lawn; all part of Merdeka Square. Within this vicinity there is the Masjid Jamek Mosque--the National Mosque of Malaysia. We also discovered the Railway Headquarters--a Gothic/Moorish designed building; it makes for an interesting look.

Menara Tower on the right--Similar to Toronto's CN Tower 
KL is a city of shopping malls. Every intersection has a mall; some specialize in computer ware while others are lifestyle malls. The malls at the main intersections are gigantic with every designer brand available. Everyone appears to be shopping; a place for retail therapy if you are into that kind of therapy.

We are now ready for our adventure in New Zealand where will spend two weeks on a bus tour of both islands.

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