Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Escape 2012: Reflections on Australia

The landscape of Australia is very similar to many other parts of North America. It is vast and mainly populated in the major urban centres. The road trip enabled us to enjoy the country's landscape and interact with the people along the way.

We experienced different kinds of weather during their summer; from hot and humid temperatures to mild and cool temperatures that included heavy or light rainfall along the way.

We learned that there are the Aussies and the Australians; the Aussies approach you in a bold, brash manner and usually end their sentences with 'mate,' whereas the Australians are friendly and accommodating, assisting you in any way they can.

In the many restaurants we ate in, you can find unusual items on the menu; Australian bugs under the Seafood section, Kangaroo meat, rattle and croc meat. We did taste Kangaroo steak at the home of my friend, Muriel; it was tender with no unusual taste. The fruit, especially the mangoes and bananas, had that locally grown sun-ripened juicy taste. The vegetables had that intense fresh flavour. The cost of living is much higher in Australia than in Canada.

Since we love road trips this one was no different. We had many joyous moments and some anxious moments while driving on the left side. Tim was excellent at the hard driving, while I did the soft driving assisting Tim in any way I could.. "Susie," our GPS navigator was accurate and superb in guiding us through the highways and byways of Australia. We could not have survived without her.

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