Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Escape 2012: En Route to Sydney, Australia

After approximately an hour's drive from Brisbane, we were in the Gold Coast area. We made a stop at Surfers' Paradise. This is a small town along the famous Gold Coast beach area. 

Surfers' Paradise: Gold Coast

We took a walk along the board walk between the beach and the town's main street alongside the beach. It is a perfectly planned area with wooden beach lounge chairs dotted along the board walk for those who do not want to walk on the sandy beach. The picture on the left is a snapshot of the beach area.

Back on the highway, we made our way to wards Port Macquarie, our next stop-over for the night. As we drove through ribbons of road we witnessed a variety of cloud formations over the horizon and was intermittently rained upon.

On arrival in Port Macquarie we took a quick stroll through this town to discover an interesting history. As noted in the historical brochure, in 1821 Port Macquarie was established as a place of secondary punishment under the Governorship of Lachlan Macquarie. By 1830 this area was proclaimed open to free settlement and so the population began to increase further pushing white settlement inland in grabs for land. The introduction of disease and ongoing fights for land further decimated the Birpai aboriginal community.

The picture below shows the building that served as a Court House until 1986. It is now a historic site. Our visit here brings to the surface the "convict" roots and history of the settlement of Australia.

Port Macquarie Court House

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