Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Escape 2012: Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane was a special stop-over. I reunited with my high school friend, Muriel, who I had not seen for 40+ years. The moment we met, we picked up on our friendship and continued our long chats and discussions about various topics. Muriel and Rom were perfect hosts for our visit to Brisbane.

With Muriel atop the mountain

Muriel gave us a tour of her workplace, the Brisbane Convention Centre. We were warmly greeted by her colleagues and friends. After lunch at the Centre, we went to Mt. Cootha and witnessed spectacular views of Brisbane from atop the mountain, as illustrated in the picture on the left. We strolled through the Herb garden and took a peek at the Herbarium Research Centre.

View from Brisbane's City Cat Ferry

The next day, we boarded the City Cat ferry that took us along the Brisbane River. This is a regular commuter ferry for the Brisbanites to get back and forth. It was a hot and sunny day with dramatic views of the cityscape and environs as depicted on the picture on the right. It also shows the Big Cat Ferry on the river. 

We disembarked at a Park for a quick lunch and then continued our ferry ride until we finally disembarked on the north shore side. We meandered our way through the city streets to experience the sights and sounds of downtown Brisbane. This is a budding modern city with very few historic sites. The architecture of the buildings appear to date back to 15+ years. It is a clean city with no clear evidence of homeless or poor folks in the main streets.

Our four nights in Brisbane will be etched in our memories as we pleasantly recalled our times in Nairobi and London. We bade farewell to our very generous hosts, Muriel and Rom, as we continued our drive towards Sydney.

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