Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Escape 2012: Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

We arrived in the Blue Mountains area, about an hour's drive from Sydney amidst fog and drizzly rain. We checked in our accommodation in a town called Katoomba. This is a town geared around seeing the sights of the Blue Mountain area.

Unfortunately for us, our three-day stay continued to be enveloped in fog with drizzly rain. It was disappointing. The picture on the right indicates our experience of the Blue Mountains; while the picture below is what we did not see. The three rock formations visible in the picture below are known as Three Sisters. One morning we did see one of the Three Sisters.

It is an area of eucalyptus trees and hence the blue haze that is emitted from these trees. It is an area that can hiked at different levels of difficulty and one can experience breath-taking view of nature at its best--when the weather is right.

This was our final stop in Australia. We dropped off the rented car at the airport in Sydney and took off for Singapore to continue the remainder of our travels.

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