Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Review: Gallows View -- Novel by Peter Robinson

Gallows View is Peter Robinson’s first novel. It is set in Yorkshire, England that launches Robinson’s series of Inspector Banks detective stories.

The author brings in all the typical characters that are evident in a small town; seniors, youth and middle-aged folk who interact with each other during their routine chores or activities in this town. Robinson cleverly writes about the deviousness of the characters and puts them in awkward situations creating suspense throughout the novel. He depicts the lifestyle of the people in all aspects of their day-to-day living. In doing so, Robinson successfully takes the reader into the nuances of an English small town.

It is quite alarming to find such mayhem going on in a small town environment that is usually typical in an urban centre. Murder, robberies and substance abuse are part of the characters’ flaws in this peaceful town. Inspector Banks is assigned the task of solving the cases; he is tricked, baffled and led astray by these characters. He engages a psychologist to help him along.

The reader is taken through the lives of these folk with much suspense till the end of the resolution of all the cases that enables Inspector Banks to proudly claim success.

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