Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review: The Postmistress - A Novel by Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake in her novel, The Postmistress, takes the reader to WWII. She takes us into the lives of ordinary people living in Franklin, Massachusetts and then through a journalist transports us to the Blitz in London, England. This journalist is on assignment with Ed Morrow. She routinely broadcasts to America on the happenings in London through the Blitz.

The reader becomes familiar with the day-to-day living during the Blitz; the horrific aftermath of the constant bombings that brings to the surface the terror and hopelessness of the lives of ordinary Londoners.

The author takes the reader back and forth to Franklin and London. The people in Franklin carry on with their daily lives while listening to he radio broadcasts of the happenings of the WWII abroad. They do not feel connected to the War but are acutely aware that they could be involved in due time.

The intricate details of small town living are contrasted with gruesome effects of coping with death and destruction in the London Blitz. The author weaves us into the lives of the different characters in both these situations. We learn about the gaps that become evident; information that is not relayed in a timely fashion and the part the Postmistress plays in this delivery of information.

Blake has captured the mood and the realities of life during wartime. It is a very compelling story.

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