Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review: My Country Is Called Earth by Lawrence Brown - Non-Fiction

Lawrence Brown, the author, of My Country Is Called Earth, depicts a philosophical approach to redefining the world we now live in. He states:

“All of our major problems—war, injustice, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, overpopulation, pollution, global warming, the extinction of species, and the destruction of rain forests—are involved with our failure to recognize that we are connected to the earth and each other and that we are responsible to the earth and each other.” Pg. 4 (ebook)

He begins by outlining The Awakening, taking the reader back and forth from June 27, 1992 to July 3, 2076. The reader is then treated to a section on his Blueprints For Revolution. Brown then completes his philosophical approach by reverting back to The Awakening taking the reader back and forth from July 4, 2076 to June 28, 1992.

Brown indicates what is ailing our world and outlines the possibilities that are available to reverse our downward spiral to destruction of our fragile earth that we live in. He focuses on sustainability; he indicates that we ought to foster self-supporting communities that would be accountable for what they would do to the earth. This would involve a mind shift of how we think, do our work and indulge in recreation. He does delve into the political responsibilities of how this kind of change can come about.

Brown’s prescription of what needs to be done and more importantly what can be done leads the reader to believe that it is possible to live in peace and harmony with all citizens of world. After all he claims that My Country Is Called Earth; there are no boundaries and no countries--just one world.

Among his myriad of suggestions he brings forth three simple rules for living: “First, don’t dwell on the past. Second, enjoy the moment. And third, only think positively about the future.” Pg. 126 (ebook).

Throughout this reading, Brown takes the reader into the different parts of the world and engages people who, he presumes, have already overcome the past erroneous ways and are living in a sustainable and peaceful world in total harmony with earth. Now, everyone needs to get on board if we want to live like they do in 2076.

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