Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book Review: High Chicago by Howard Shrier - Fiction

Howard Shrier, in his novel, High Chicago, depicts a murder mystery story with much suspense and intrigue.

The story is set in two cities, Toronto and Chicago. The author brings in an eclectic group of characters who are mired in personality flaws and affected by life's experiences as a result of their individual decisions.

The author takes the reader into a world of manipulation, suspect real estate deals, some meddling with environmental laws and other facets of criminal activity that brings suspense to resolving this murder mystery story.

Throughout the novel, Shrier injects humor and outlines many historical components of the particular parts of Toronto and Chicago that are described in this novel.

High Chicago is quite suitable to turn into a movie; there are enough "street fighting" type of scenes with some dramatic "car chases" that could be included in it, as well as all the necessary gore that is typical in murder mystery stories.

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