Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Review: The Private Patient by P. D. James - Fiction

The Private Patient – An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery novel by P. D. James is set in various parts of England. This novel takes you into the countryside of Dorset, with visits to the Midlands, Cambridge and London. The beautiful descriptions of the sceneries within, around the estate and beyond sets you up to an intriguing manner in which the murder occurs in this story.

The characters are an eclectic group of personalities ranging from the surgeon, the nurse, the administrative staff and various other assistants, visitors and patients who emerge and depart from the estate as the story evolves in a cryptic manner. As soon as the murder occurs, we are introduced to Adam Dalgliesh and his team of professional detectives who set about resolving this murder mystery case.

As this team delves into this case, we become familiar with the interactions, friendships and intimate relationships of the characters portrayed in this novel. Just as you think you have figured out who has committed the murder, the story line takes a different direction. You follow the clues with the detective team that you think enables you to solve the mystery; alas! James has cleverly diverted you. It is this type of mystery that captivates you throughout the reading of this novel. In the end James coalesces all the evidence through the deft work of the detective team that solves the case.

P. D. James writes in a professional, British style. She illustrates the details of the different scenes in fine literary prose that brings forth a vivid imagery of each scene. The conversations and descriptions of the conversations are realistically depicted in a sound style of writing. It is a masterpiece of language and mystery.

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