Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mazatlan, Mexico

It sure was a busy, hectic and enjoyable time over the Christmas holidays. With family left for their homes to spend New Year's Eve with their friends, we decided to spend New Year's Eve in Mazatlan, Mexico. We met up with a friend who lives in Mazatlan for most of the winter months. He took us to the public square, called Machado Square, where all the local folks gather to bring in the New Year. We arrived at the Square around 10 p.m. There were three bands located at different ends of the Square, each band taking its turn to play their sets of dance music. It was great joy listening to the variety of music and watching the local folks performing their dance moves to the rhythm and slow movement of the band music. The New Year was brought in by the band on the Centre Stage with the usual count-down to midnight. At the stroke of midnight we all kissed and greeted each with best wishes and prosperous times for 2010.

We will be in Mazatlan for the whole month of January in an attempt to escape at least one Canadian winter month. So far, it has been an exhilarating time. We have walked the long, long stretch of the Malecon twice. Rumour has it that this stretch is about 12 miles in length; it overlooks the sea--one can choose to walk along the beach or along the sea wall. Since the weather is very warm, this walk tends to be hot, exhausting and yet quite entertaining as one views the different monuments along the sea wall as well as the fantastic views of the sea and beyond. Midway through the walk we did stop for a slight snack of salsa, chips, guacamole and a beer to refresh ourselves and give us the energy to complete the walk.

Our daily routine, so far, consists of an hour or so walk along the beach with another hour or so of reading, watching the tides come in as well as watching the kids frolic in the sea waves. We then meander our way back to our abode for a light lunch, a light snooze and then some active exploration of the city sights. It is fascinating and enriching as we speak little to no Spanish; we certainly get by with a great deal of help from the English speaking Mexicans who delight in telling us stories about Mazatlan.

Stay tuned for more news as we continue to live out the month of January here.

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