Thursday, November 5, 2009

Short Essay: Ethical Leadership

When we reflect on what it means to be ethical we automatically consider our core values. These are attributes that are part of our core being as we engage in work or play or in our home environment. We want to be authentic, truthful, and sincere in our participation that would give us recognition. This in turn would further empower us to act and perform in ways that are for the common good.

Being ethical generates a set of standards that may lead to rule making for people to follow and abide by. It is in this context that the leaders ought to be able to espouse their values as they relate to a family unit, an organizational unit or a social unit. When we gather in any of these units we behave according to our core values that have been transferred to us by the leaders within each of these units.

When we are not being ethical we experience a sense of discomfort and anxiety. These are signals prodding us to re-think our actions and alter them in a way that would follow our core values. It is at this time that we ought to have the courage of conviction to reflect on our core values and determine if our actions are ethical or not. We ought to be able to voice our discomfort or anxiety by illustrating the lack of ethical behaviour or actions and by outlining the consequences of being unethical we can make every effort to reverse the unethical actions or behaviour.

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