Thursday, October 15, 2009

Short Essay: Community Spirit Within the Workplace Environment

Gone are the robotic workplaces where people punched in and punched out their real or imaginary clocks. During that era the tasks were accomplished with little or no recognition; people did not enjoy their workplace environments. In the last few decades this has changed. The leadership within the private and public sector workplaces is engaged in “humanizing” the workplaces.

There is a determined effort to bring a joie de vivre atmosphere within the workplace environment; employees are being recognized for their contributions towards the success of the organization. There are umpteen initiatives that promote acknowledgement of the employees’ efforts; employee of the month, celebration of personal milestones in an employee’s life, recognition with sympathy and empathy of the mishaps an employee may go through, achievement awards, special gifts and vacation packages for extraordinary work done and the list goes on. All of these ought to be done in an appropriate manner at the appropriate time to avoid cynicism becoming evident. It ought to be done in an authentic and genuine manner. It is only then that these initiatives would foster further success and bring in the true spirit of community within the workplace.

On the flip side, employees ought to be encouraged to take risks, to experiment and learn from mistakes. Throughout this process employees ought to be recognized for their efforts.

The leadership ought to be present within each facet of the workplace; these leaders must communicate effectively at every level within the workplace and must be sincere with the employees. They must display their enthusiasm to enable the employees to be just as enthusiastic about the work they are doing within the organization. These are just a very limited set of factors that contribute to bringing in the spirit of community within the workplace.

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