Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge

I had the opportunity of attending the Distinguished Author Series where Peter Senge was the featured speaker and workshop facilitator. He addressed the topics of his latest book entitled The Necessary Revolution. This non-fiction resource outlines how individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world.

He indicated how we thrived from the industrial revolution that has been an era of exploitation. During that time the three tiers of the cake focused on the economy--the bottom and largest tier, then came the second tier being the environment and last but smallest tier being social well-being. In today’s era the focus ought to be the ecology--the largest bottom tier of the cake, with social well-being as the middle tier and the economy being the smallest and the first tier of the cake. This shift of focus would enable the creation of a regenerative economy.We ought to shift from the take-make-waste era to creating a regenerative economy; think long term keeping the big picture in mind.

Throughout the book, he provides examples, uses many diagrams and brings forth the loops that he first outlined in The Fifth Discipline. Apart from being a forward thinking writer, Peter Senge is also an excellent facilitator. He kept the audience engaged and involved in a variety of activities that brought the theories into practical solutions.

In his own words he describes the essence of this book in the following web link from the Leader to Leader Journal:

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Becky Bartley said...

I love the idea of the three tiered cake to demonstrate where our emphasis needs to be in order to create a regenerative economy. Definitely something I will share in my Sustainable Marketing class.