Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Think by Michael LeGault

The non-fictional resource, Think by Michael LeGault focuses on the importance of critical thinking and the quest for knowledge to enable one to reach a solution. He refutes Malcolm Gladwell’s writings in Blink. LeGault claims that we ought not to base our decisions on snap judgments through emotional and subjective rationale. He advocates the importance of thorough analysis and the need to take the time to make effective decisions. He argues that:

“Egalitarian intelligence is the shaping of knowledge and education to fit an individual’s brain, rather than shaping a brain to learn formal methods of problem solving, deductive reasoning, and factual knowledge.”

He promotes the use of the scientific method of observation and illustrates how through personal observation of the external world one can achieve a good foundation for the ability to think critically. He abhors the politically correct and critiques the various movements such as the radical environmentalists and radical feminists who, he claims, use a misguided way of thinking to develop their propositions.

LeGault devotes a whole section on the Great Thinkers; he claims that, “what is unique about these people is an unquenchable desire for knowledge and the vigorous self-discipline and drive to effectively put that knowledge to some good use.”

The last section in Think is devoted to a whole bunch of fixes such as a return to discipline and standards; embracing risk and reward; and embracing objectivity and thinking critically; all of which would redeem ourselves.

LeGault provokes re-evaluation of one’s assumptions, thoughts and deeds. He has been appropriately criticized for some of what he has portrayed in Think.

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