Monday, September 7, 2009

The Rules of Engagement by Catherine Bush

Recently I read a fictional novel entitled The Rules of Engagement by Catherine Bush. The title put me on a different path as to what I would uncover through the pages of this book. It is about interactions and developing relationships with people of different ethnic backgrounds. It is about how people engage with each other whether a person is developing a romantic relationship or just individuals meeting each other in casual, business or mysterious settings. Through these engagements, the author delves into the nature of trust, responsibility and personal risk. The reader is taken back and forth from Toronto, Ontario to London, England.

The neighbourhoods and streets that were mentioned in this novel were so very familiar to me as I have lived in these neighbourhoods in both cities. It conjured up my own very special memories of living in these cities with an added twist of all the mystery and intrigue exposed in this novel. In a fictional sense, it was revealed that different people engage in different rules to achieve specific outcomes; I consider this to be evident in real life situations.

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Paula said...

The Rules of Engagement sounds like an interesting novel and it is not about war or war games. A nice twist to the rules of engagement.