Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Essays: Ideas on Thought Leaders

There are thought leaders from the academic stream and various organizations that focus on researching how to do effective leadership. These thought leaders write books and articles on their research in the field of leadership. Through their writings we understand the updated theories on leadership and learn from the examples they have cited on how a variety of leaders in the private and public sectors of our economy achieve extraordinary results from ordinary employees. The focus is on how to practise leadership.

In the field of marketing there is a different kind of thought leader. These leaders are identified experts in their particular industries. They ensure that they are very familiar with the needs of their clientele from a company perspective through to a consumer perspective. To gain the trust of their clientele and develop a reputation of being an expert, these thought leaders focus on being quoted by the media, speaking at trade shows and other speaking engagements and through their research group write white papers and case studies. The following web link outlines the seven steps in becoming a thought leader in the field of marketing:

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