Monday, September 7, 2009

Essays: Concepts on Lead the Way.......

Over the past two decades there have been a variety of writings on leadership that included refining the traditional theories of leadership, the different ways of doing leadership to enable colleagues and followers to reframe how leadership is practiced during our current times. We have been encouraged and/or cajoled into understanding that each of us can be a leader by taking the risk and engaging in activities that would make a difference in the environment where we socialize, work or volunteer. Indeed the leadership theorists have provided many examples of how one does not have to be a positional leader to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Just as we are in the throes of fine-tuning our individual abilities to lead we are inundated with a plethora of new social media such as twitter and facebook . How does this new social media influence the way we perform within our different environments and how does it influence our unique leadership styles?

“People are the heart and spirit of all that counts.”

Max DePree, author of Leadership is an Art,
Dell Publishing Group, 1989

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Paula said...

I am not sure about the use of facebook in a leadership context; it appears to be a tool for friends to locate one another. Whereas twitter can be used for efficient communication while at out of office meetings to enable the person to access a colleague or partner at the workplace to provide necessary information for the meeting.