Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Essays: Concepts on Community building in cyberspace

A significant number of people now interact with each other through the different social media formats. People send email messages or text messages to meet at any given place, date and time and it happens. These meetings can vary in size from small group meetings to large scale meetings in an urban setting. An example of the latter is the dance event that happened in Liverpool Station in London, England.

President Obama used the social media formats to gather his supporters at neighbourhood community centres and people’s homes to discuss and mobilize others to join them in their quest for electing President Obama. This was a perfect illustration of community spirit in action. People were motivated to meet and discuss issues of similar interest with a specific goal.

Other groups engage in the spirit of community with a variety of goals in mind. Tamarack is an Institute for Community Engagement; their mission is to create vibrant communities. Visit their website: for further descriptions of their goals, successes and works in progress.

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